Josiah Martin and Ivan Martin of ISM Construction

At ISM Construction, we are a team that love new home construction and working with people. We are privileged with the opportunity to do both of those things each day in our work. If we can bring you into each phase of design and construction and successfully execute your dream, then we consider it a job well done.


We believe that when we simply treat others as we would have them treat us, all of our other company values are strengthened as a result.

  • Craftsmanship. At ISM, we recognize that craftsmanship goes beyond just building your home. Excellence is in the attention to detail. It means carefully choosing the best subcontractors for each phase and managing the schedule so that no job is rushed. And it means using quality materials that will provide lasting dependability and comfort.
  • Collaboration. The key to any successful project is clear communication. With countless messages and tasks spinning all at once, we understand how essential it is to connect continually with our clients and subcontractors throughout the project. ISM desires to be responsive to your needs and changes so that we can effectively guide the project to exceed your expectations.
  • Trustworthiness. At ISM, we realize that choosing a builder is a huge decision, and we don’t take our responsibility lightly. When we give you our word on schedule, cost or any other part of the process, we keep it. Nothing is more important to us than our relationship with you and to follow through on what we’ve communicated to you along the way.


Ivan Martin began his work in construction in 1983 in Lebanon, PA. After 11 years in the field, he went into business for himself and founded ISM Construction. Ivan works closely with clients throughout the entire process. He manages design, estimating, and each building phase. In his free time, Ivan enjoys hunting, camping and spending time with his family.

Josiah Martin, Ivan’s son, grew up working with his dad and learning about construction. He joined ISM Construction full-time in 2011, and he primarily focuses on project management and the oversight of sub-contractors. Over the years, Josiah also gained expertise in trim carpentry, kitchen installation, and exteriors, and he is hands-on for these parts of the jobs he manages. Outside of work, you will find Josiah with his wife and children, fishing, reading or playing music.

Seth Martin is Ivan’s second son, and he also grew up around the family business. He officially joined the ISM team in 2014 and loves working with clients through various parts of the building process. He also works alongside Josiah on each job to install siding, trim, and kitchens. Aside from work,, Seth enjoys spending time with his wife, cooking, sports and serving at church.

Rosene Martin is Ivan’s wife. She is the office administrator and accountant. You will find her hard at work in the office mananging accounts and keeping things in order and running smoothly. In her free time Rosene enjoys reading, hospitality, and spending time with friends and with her grandkids.

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